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An intuitive instrument matchmaker.

The world is in need of collective catharsis from 2020, and music is the answer.

To meet the moment, Fender is offering the perfect antidote; a creative escape to mobilise new and aspiring players to make some noise.

Find Your Fender is a digital gear guide. The immersive audio experience adapts in real-time to choices, including music and finishes, and intelligently recommends the perfect Fender guitar, bass, or ukulele, for all levels. And since much of the world is unable to get to a store in person, Find Your Fender brings this traditionally in-store expertise seamlessly to the online arena.

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Guitar World
Fender launches new interactive online guide pairing players with the perfect guitar or bass

Gear News
We used the new Find Your Fender tool and it chose guitars we’d never even consider


“It felt very easy to use, despite me having little knowledge of guitars. I felt more included in the 'guitar community' than I ever have. I never felt lost or overwhelmed.”



CD: Brad Hall
Design: Sandra Zhovner
CW: Sammi Chancey
AD: Kara Smarsh
PM: Alison McBreen
Lead Dev: Edward Bignell
AI: Kathryn Webb

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